Just starting to get tired

Shannon went to bed a few hours ago, I'm up late reading through my blog and posting comments in reply to other people's comments. Doing some cleanup and whatnot all while watching TechTV. First the Screen Savers, then Extended Play or is it X-Play? Then Martin's new show... Unscrewed, now its Leo doing Call For Help. Funny I wasn't tired until Leo came on, I like Leo but ever since Chris Pirillo did the show, its hard to match his energy. Its been some time since Chris has been on TV, and I just got wind through his blog that he may be coming back... who knows when/if it will be on, or if us Canadian viewers can watch it.

Leo had mentioned some time back that he was working on a more technical show for TechTV, I can now only sadly assume that the upper execs axed it before it got off the ground.