RSS WinterFest

I'm listening to day 2 of the RSS Winterfest, which is an online event discussing RSS technologies, something of which I'm very interested in. I'm late in listening in since I thought it was a paid for event, but in fact its free. So far the audio has been very informative and within the first hour has brought out some interesting thoughts on what to do with RSS in general.

DecisionCast is the technology that is running the event. So far I haven't gotten a single slide :( Working for the online conferencing industry I'm a little shocked that this simple thing isn't working. <PLUG>If only they went with Genesys Event Service</PLUG>

One thing I did like about DecisionCast was the fact that on the main page, to the left of the slide, the moderator can set useful links like a wiki, transcripts, PDF and company web sites. If I'm not mistaken you can do this in GES as well, I just like the feature, I find it helpful.