State of the Union

So I watched 95% of the State of the Union address last night. I have never liked Bush and I've never liked his foreign policy of 'Your either with us or against us' According to Bush, Canada is against them since we did not fight along side of the US against Iraq. I don't think there is a single Canadian that doesn't think that ousting Saddam was a good thing, we just think the motives for doing so were a little weak -- in other words there are better motives that the non existent Wepons of Mass Destruction now to be referred to as Wepons of Mass Murder (I guess WOMM sounds better than WOMD as an acronym?)

I think Boing Boing Blog summed up the rest of the speech best:

GW Bush: "Key provisions of the Patriot Act are set to expire next year."
Audience: [Applause]
GW: [Frowny face]
I turned off George W. around the time he started on about Gay marriages... Mind you I was starting to tire of him when he thought it was a good idea to allow religious based charities to get the same benefits as other charities.

Best moment for me beyond what Boing Bong Blog pointed out? The shot of the guy sleeping.