Dinner with a computer historian

I met up with Jason Scott last night to have a bit of a chat with the man behind textfiles.com.

I say in the title that Jason is a computer historian, because he is... textfiles.com is his personal (yet public) research library, and over the years of collecting and reading, he has become quite wise of the computer worlds rich history.

As you may or may not know, SDF1 Networks has been a mirror site for textfiles.com for quite some time (~4-5 years now) and for that long neither any of the SDF1 members nor Jason Scott has met up with each other, so it was about time we did.

Jason was in town because his wife is a Canadian, whose family lives not to far from where I work. Taking the opportunity at hand, we joined up at The Keg to talk about a large number of topics including, textfiles.com, mirroring, the spreading of information, anime, BitTorrent, the having a T1 in your basement, food/diet, Apple iPod, and his BBS Documentary project.

I just wonder when Leo will put him on The Screen Savers for an interview ;)