On monday I helped launch my Aunts new website for her company Awesomewood! The old site (which I am said to say I did) was very amateurish, but it got the job done. But when it came time to do the new site, we had a plan and understood what we wanted to do with it, so I hope you like it.

I have to thank Sean Jackson for the graphics, and the guys at Six Apart for making and supporting MovableType which quickly became the foundation to the site, allowing my Aunt to edit and maintain content with no HTML experience.

Who/what is Awesomewood? here is a quick blurb from their website:

We have been working for 25 years in the fields of refinishing, cabinetry and seat weaving and have a long list of satisfied, repetitive clients who continue to pass our name on to relatives, friends and colleagues.

Awesomewood offers the highest standard of workmanship in all aspects of our business, be it refinishing the wood trim in your home, building your entertainment center or caning your favourite chair.

Again I hope you like it, and if you do and need a website, don't hesitate to ask!