Tanner and Photoshop


Shannon and I last weekend took Tanner out for a walk at Bronte Creek park, he had a great old time bounding through the long grass. At this time he was on a leash and we took a photo of him. During the week, both the breeder and dog walker (who takes Tanner out when Shannon is away at a clients site) both asked for a picture.

So taking the above picture with a leash, and after watching the tutorial here I fixed up the picture by removing Tanners leash.

Tell me what you think, and offer up any other sites for photoshop tips, or your own tips!

Update: This morning (Dec3/03) while feeding Tanner, I played with the image a little more. I did the following extra steps:

  • Image/Adjustments/Auto Color
  • Image/Adjustments/"Hue/Saturation"
  • Duplicate Image in new layer
  • Filter/Blur/Gaussian Blur (3 pixel radius)
  • In the Layers window, I selected soft light and set it to 57%

The overall effect as you can see is a cleaner, brighter and overall [IMHO] more eye pleasing image.