No one expects the spanish inquisition!

In recent news it was reported that the N-Gage from Nokia was cracked, meaning that with a little effort you can copy the games off the game card, swap them with friends or over the net thus pirating Nokia's new money generator.

A vital part of the revenue from N-Gage will come from games, which are sold separately, but Nokia said it did not expect the illegal downloads to become widespread.

I'm confused how Nokia was not expecting people to pirate N-Gage games? GBA is pirated, X-Box, PS, PS2, Gamecube, Dreamcast, PC, Mac, Palm, PocketPC, and many other software platforms have been pirated long before Nokia got to the market, so I would expect that any software/hardware company would now expect a certain amount of loss due to piracy especially if the product becomes popular, and they make it real easy to copy said software ;)

BTW I have played with the N-Gage, and well, I wont go into details, but it sucks... I think Nokia should worry more about that fact more than people copying games.