MONAD will be part of the new Command Shell found in Longhorn, and it looks very interesting. Microsoft is doing away with DOS, it doesn't work with WinFS and is sorely outdated compared to todays unix tools. So what is MONAD? Well its the Shell, and in said shell you can execute queries to WinFS and have it output the result in HTML/XML/ or XLS (Excel)

This gives great new power to virus writers, um no... power users ^_^; to really take control of the system and get it to do what they want. Most of the time a GUI is great, but I'm a big fan of CLIs (command line interfaces) when I need to get a job done, and fast.

It seems to me that WinFS is going to make some interesting changes the way users see there data and interact with it. I don't think HFS, or EXT3 is going to cut it anymore...