Da'pain, da'pain!

I haven't posted much about myself (personal info) on my blog lately, so today I will :) I am in pain, this is the second day of pain and it hurts even to type this blog entry!

Why so much pain? Good question, I hurt my back the other day, it could be the new pillow, moving furniture around, or picking up Tanner to get him away from something he shouldn't be going for, in short I don't know what I did.

I went to the doctors on my way home for work, and got prescribed Advil Gel Caps for the inflammation and Baclofen as a mussel relaxant. The Baclofen states on the bottle:

May cause drowsiness
Alcohol could intensify this effect
Use Caution when operating a car or dangerous machinery

Some may consider me using a computer dangerous, but a man has to blog to know that he is alive! ^_^;

Back to bed or couch (Cant get to work, I don't have the mobility in my upper body to do so) -- may watch Lain if I can keep my eyes open long enough.