gspoof 3.0 for OSX

The current release (as of a day before this writing) gspoof 3.0 did not support OSX, but after some good work from the authors of gspoof, Embyte, the folks at Packet Factory who write libnet, and myself... we got it working.

  1. First download libnet 1.1.1 (should be out today) and install it.
  2. If you want GTK support, you will need Apple's X11, the X11 SDK from Apple and GTK2 (use fink or DarwinPorts to download)
  3. Download gspoof 3.0
  4. Download this patch and copy it to where you extracted gspoof to.
  5. Apply the patch via this command patch <patch-gspoof-3.0-OSX
  6. ./configure, make, and sudo make install

Wow, 6 easy steps ;)