At work...

Sorry my postings this week have been lackluster at best. Been busy with Tanner, work, packing, and life in general. Today I'm at work while Shannon is shopping to buy her grandmother a birthday gift. Tomorrow we are going over to my parents for lunch to show off Tanner, then going over to Shannon's grandmother's place for dinner as I said its her birthday.

One thing I'd like to say is, everyday I've been walking Tanner around 7:00AM for about 45min. He really enjoys this time out, after being cooped up in a crate all night. During these walks, I noticed how much I am missing at that time of the morning... people are actually out doing things, important things, and/or fun things. It's not all just people going to work! Every morning this week I have felt more relaxed when I get into work, which is a good thing.


Dogs, they help you smell the roses, even at 7 in the morning.