Camping in the dark city

The only way to beat loosing your power for a couple of days is to go camping! Nothing much to say regarding the power failure that hasn't been already said with 1 exception, It was quite amazing to see so many stars from right in the city, sometimes I wish it always was that way.

Actually on Thursday when the power went out, it was sorta like camping -- no power, grilled food, lots of candles and only our conversations to entertain us, its good to be reminded us of the things that are important in life.

Kudos to CFRB 1010 and MOJO 640 for the consistent radio feed of information during the blackout, I just wanted to thank them.

Camping was good, 'cept a loud family that camped across from us on Saturday... no matter where you went , all you could hear was them - AHHH! Came home a tad early and took a nice drive through the country, got ourselves some nice breakfast at a local dive, which overall was pretty good.

Back home, reading emails -- The joys of power.