Lazy Days of Summer

I didn't realize that it has been so long since I have written in my blog. I guess not too much has been going on. This summer has been pretty uneventful over all. Last weekend Ray and I went camping again. We went to Sibbald Point Provincial Park, which is just on the south side of Lake Simcoe. It was a really nice campground, the sites were very private and well treed. We didn't have the same problem with the bugs that we had at Algonquin park earlier this year either. The weekend was nice and relaxing. We spent most of the time just reading and lying on the beach...aaahhh. The book I am reading right now is REALLY good. I decided to join Oprah's book club. I always thought it would be silly to do this since why would I want to sit and read a book that millions of other people are reading because a television talk show host recommended it?? Anyway I decided to give it a try since all of the books that she is recommending this year are classics. My experience reading classic literature is very limited so I thought I would give it a shot. Right now I am reading the book East of Eden. It is a fantastic book that I can hardly put down. I just find the characters so interesting and there is such a contrast between good and evil. I highly recommend the book. This book also makes me want to visit California sooo bad as the story takes place in the Salinas Valley and the author has an amazing way of describing things.