What is the internet useful for?

Got Porn? 'cause its not this website ;)

The Internet Oracle has pondered your question deeply.

Your question was:

Oracle most wise,

Is it true people use the Internet for other things besides porn?

And in response, thus spake the Oracle:

} Absolutely! You can also spread viruses with the internet. Steal books,

} music and videos. And lets not forget the endless supply of "free"

} games out there waiting to be downloaded.


} There is a dark side to the internet. Some people put information

} on their web sites. No nude chicks or pirated music. Actual useful

} information about cars, the weather, what's on TV tonight, etc.

} I can't tell you how much those freaks creep me out. Stay away from

} them or next thing you know you might find yourself doing unspeakable

} things like studying and research. Imagine what you mom will think when

} she finds out you know WAY too much about 18th century Romanian art.


} You owe the Oracle some links to sites about naval warfare in the

} late 1500's. Not for me mind you, its... uh... for a friend.