Brittany Pup

Ever since Ray and I got married and left our respective homes we have missed our dogs so much that we have been really looking forward to getting a dog of our own. It has always been too difficult to get a dog since we live in a Condo. Although the condo allows pets, and there is a leash free zone in the park just outside the door, we never thought that it seemed right to keep a dog in such a small space. Since we decided that we were going to move to a house, we have been researching quite a bit to find a dog that would suit our family. After a great deal of reading and interviewing, we have decided that the Brittany Spaniel would make a great pet. Brittanies are about 17.5 to 20.5 inches tall, come in an Orange colour or Liver (dark brown) colour. They are very gentil dogs who enjoy being with other animals and people. They are also very athletic, as they are a sporting breed, so they love to be outside running around.

Yesterday Ray and I went out to Ruffwood Kennels to see their Brittanies. We had talked to, and visited other breeders, however we were particularily fond of this one because they had been communicating with us through email for the past few weeks and were willing to provide us with a great deal of information and support. They really seemed to care for their dogs. I also like the fact that they breed well rounded dogs. Their dogs win competitions in show, field, obedience and agility. I think that is pretty impressive. When we went to visit them we spent a good 2 hours there and they showed us all of their OFA/OVC certificates, pedigrees, pictures, videos and more. We were very happy so we reserved a puppy. We are soooo excited!! The puppies are expected to be born at the end of August so we will be picking her/him up in October. We were very lucky when we went to visit yesterday because we got to see both the sire and the dam, which is fairly unusual since typically breeders don't own both dogs. In this case they don't own the dam but the people that did own her were there visiting when we went by. The dam was born at the kennel and the owners decided that they wanted to breed her so they all work together on it and the dam stays at the kennel to have the puppies. I think that all the dogs are so cute. If you check out the website you can see a picture of the sire. He is in the first picture on the webiste. His name is Beany. They told us that they will email us pictures when the puppies are born so I will be sure to post them on my blog when I get them!