Woah Apple, too much!

Yesterday as you probably know Apple released a few things.

new iChat, a small camera called iSight (why do you need 600Mhz for it???), final Safari (still does not work with futureshop.com) G5 Machines as rumored for some time based on the IBM 970, and Panther.

Things that I found interesting was I didn't hear that Panther would have a 64bit version, I would have to assume that they would, but there is nothing on the website. Another hot item, at least for me is XCode

Xcode is designed specifically to keep you waiting less and coding more. Appleā€™s ground-breaking new approach to developer productivity streamlines all your most common and time-consuming tasks by fusing familiar user interface concepts with a unique mix of performance technologies in a complete integrated development environment.

The most impressive feature being distributed compiling of your code! This kind of thing costs companies lots of money to deploy, and now Apple is including it free in the OS, if your interested in this kind of thing or running windows and want this functionality, check out Platform Software.