Amber, we will miss you!

Name: Amber

Date of birth: Aug 19 1994

Passed away on: June 15/2003

Cause of death: Pulmonary Metostatic Disease (Lung cancer)

Yesterday was a very hard day for me indeed. I had to say goodbye to my dog, Amber. I trained here from a pup, she came to sleep with me when I was not well.

We would play, and she would love to go for my nose :) She was one of the most friendliest dogs I have ever known, and it hurts deep down inside to know that I can no longer play with her, and when I visit my parents she will not come running to the door to greet me.

When you loose someone, even a pet it hurts, but you have to concentrate on the good times, not on those last few days/hours. She led a very good life, and it was just her time to go.

Amber, we will miss you,

Love Ray