Happy/Sad Tuesday

Tuesday was grim and happy all at the same time. What am I talking about? well an offer came in for the condo, and we settled on the price and conditions so the place is now 99% sold (one condition to be met)

While I was telling the news to my mom, we all got a fright! Amber (my dog) was staring blankly at the wall, when my mom called her over she tripped on a footstool. Turns out she could not see a thing, she was blind.

Off to the emergency vet for her. Meanwhile since we already had plans Shannon and I went to see

"Finding Nemo" Pixar is amazing... long live Pixar!

Fastforward about 2hrs, Shannon and I get a call from my Mom, and the news doesn't sound good. They are saying at this point that it is a "retinal disconnect" after doing some blood work and trauma tests that all turned up negative. They now have to go see a specialist.

We all have a rough sleep as we worry about our family pet.

This morning I call my Mom about 6:45AM, she says that Amber has her sight back, but is not acting herself so something is still wrong. I advise that we keep the appointment and find out what is happening, my Mom fully agrees.

Fast forward even more to 2:55pm (now) My parents in a few minutes will be seeing the specialist, we hope for good news. I'll keep you posted.