Playing with some naked technologies

Naked technologies are technologies that lack the pretty user interfaces that computer users like. I have been playing around with 2 of these types of technologies of late, one being Jikes, and the other VIM.

Jikes is a java compiler from IBM that prides itself on speed, being able to compile java code at blazing speeds... so far the claim is true! If you do java development at all, you might want to look into this puppy as it smokes.

VIM or VI Improved is a text editor like no other, its based on the classic VI text editor that has all kinds of arcane commands to insert words and such, but because of this it becomes a very very powerful editor indeed. VIM takes VI to the next level, adding plugins, color schemes and much more. You can use VIM on any OS, so give it a try, you might just like it... but pick up a book on the subject because you will not know what to do otherwise. If you use VI then you will feel right at home.

Neither of these two applications are new, by far! but since I was playing with them I thought Id mention how happy I am with both of these open source projects. Plus I got to coin a new phrase.

'Naked Technologies' is (c)2003 to RiSC :)