Mac's can crash also

Click on the above image to view it larger. See those 3 lines spiking all the way to the top? yah? that was was the moment in time when my computer decided to crash, I couldn't do anything at all, I had to reset. Crashing may not seem like an odd event to any of the people here that use Windows, but for pretty well any other operating system it is a rare thing (linux, bsd, OSX) So why did it crash? Well it was a strange list of events.

I Was connected to a WiFI network while I was downloading Gentoo-ppc via bittorrent, I was also uploading a tarball to Anakin via iChat. About this time the WiFI access point went away and I lost connection. Well one of the two programs didn't seem to like it and made finder unusable, I am leaning towards the bittorrent application, but I could be wrong. After the reset I made sure everything was ok, then went home (thats why the lines stop shortly after the spike.

Anakin and I are working hard on putting together a set of scripts that RRDTool for your OSX machine. It will graph CPU, Network(wifi and wired), Disk, and Battery life which are handy to look at from time to time to see your usage and see when things go wrong. Look for those at the SDF1 Developers Network website.