Ben comes back to Toronto!

Ben Folds is obviously not afraid of no SARS, he is on his way with the lovely Tori Amos on Wed 08/13/03, at the Molson Amphitheater. Tickets have get to go on sale yet, I don't even know when they do (they are unlisted on -- if you know, please let me know)

I can hardly wait, I have been a big Ben Folds fine for some time now. Its actually a funny story about how I found out about Ben, I was OOC (out of character) with some people on the Robotech MUSH chatting about bands we had just seen recently, and a girl and myself were talking about Korn. Well Korn and Ben Folds [Five] are very different, but Annie was very persistent that I take a listen to them. I did, and I loved it, especially "Underground"

Since that faithful day oh so many moons ago, I have purchased countless CD's(Ive lost one, and repurchased it) and DVD's of Ben Folds and I can't think of any song that I don't love. I have also seen Ben Folds Five in concert once at the Phoenix Concert Theater. I also read on a regular basis. Am I a fan? Hell yah! fanatic... maybe ;)

Tori Amos, is an added bonus to this concert :) Now when will Juliana Hatfield come back?