Rollerblading vs. Driving Standard

Yesterday afternoon was really nice and sunny so Ray, Mark and I decided that we would go rollerbladding. Rollerblading is something that is very new to me. I think I might have done it 3 times before but since this is a new season I am pretty rusty and have not had a chance to build up confidence yet. Yesterday I was thinking though (while sliding along the grass on my butt) that learning to rollerblade is not much unlike learning to drive standard. Since I was able to successfully learn how to drive standard this year, I figured that I must be able to learn how to rollerblade too.

Learning how to use a clutch is very much like learning how to apply the break on rollerblades (not to mention that applying the break on rollerblades is about as useful as applying the clutch to slow your car down. It will help a little but will never actually stop you.)

Learning how to rollerblade downhill is about as scary as learning to drive standard uphill. Remember to use your breaks. Big difference between rollerblading and driving: It is ok to throw yourself on the grass while rollerblading, it is not advisable to do this while driving uphill in a standard.

Lifting your feet at the exactly the right time to ensure that you make it across railroad tracks without falling on your butt while rollerblading is definitely comparable to lifting your feet at the right time to shift gears while driving standard.

Lastly, approaching and crossing an intersection both on rollerblades and in a standard require the same mental focus so as to not end up stalled in the middle of the street with traffic coming straight for you!

I bet you never put so much thought into learning how to rollerblade!!