Yet Another Busy Weekend (YABW)

Friday Night - We had some friends over, had a few drinks and watch 'Empire Records' which is a group fav! good music, good lines and a bubble-gum story line -- Perfect!

Saturday - Made some great curry, then watched a sub-titled chinese movie on OMNI-2, it was a funny love story... 'Summer Breeze of Love' which was about two teenage girls looking for love over the summer break. The translation was horrid, but once passed that we enjoyed it! Has anyone else seen this? I guess we were feeling very multi-cultural that day.

Sunday - Went out with the real estate agent to look at some areas, found a few good places, and some umm well not so good. I wish more people owned a vacuum in this city. After, Shannon and I went to my parents for dinner which was a roast with roasted potatoes, one word sums up that kind of meal - YUM! :)

Update: I updated this entry, I found the name of that Chinese movie, and found that every Saturday night OMNI-2 plays one so I will have to keep that in mind when trying to figure out what to watch.