Not my first blog

This is by far not my first blog, this is my second blog, and my 3rd net log.

My first blog was regarding a night club here in Toronto, called the `Phoenix Concert Theater' In this blog I reviewed how the music and crowd was for that evening, through it I ended up getting to know the DJ Paul Dhingra, and some of the staff. I also talked about friends that I have met while dancing there. Good times all around -- I wish I backed it up before my ISP went away. I started it around 7 years ago, and it lasted about 2 years -- Boy don't I feel old now.

I also did a "net log" via a .plan and .project file. My friends would be able to use a program (finger) that went out over the net to grab my latest update. Being text only, with no formating made it very limiting. Not to mention very little exposure to people outside of the most geeky of my circle of friends.

So when the blog phenomenon hit I instantly loved the idea, since it does not have the narrow focus of my first blog, much wider exposure as oppose to my .plan files, and a great new community of readers and writers.