Filk on spam

I was browsing through some newsgroups and I came across this little filk tune on spam. Come one and all and sing it with me ;)

-- sung to the tune of "American Pie"

Long, long time ago

I can still remember when my emails were from just my friends....

And I knew if I had new mail

It was because some news prevailed

And an answer I could anticipate to send.

But soon the ads would make me shiver

With the strangenesses they would deliver:

Bad news from the Congo

And boobs as big as bongos!

I can't remember if I cried

When cheap viagra first I spied

But Asian teens I have denied

This crud I can't abide...

So why, why can't the spammers just die?

I don't need to build no muscles or ephedra to try

Don't want no kiddie porn or a diet to buy

So why can't the spammers just die?

Why do the spammers still try?"

Posted by Elvis Coltman, in uk.local.yorkshire