Long Time No See

Wow it has been a long time since I've written in my blog. I guess there just isn't too much going on lately. We got back from vacation and now it is back to work and back to the snow. This feels like the longest winter EVER! I think we have had snow since November....5 months! It is time for it to go away now. I just can't wait until the summer. I think I'm trying to push things along by beginning to plan stuff. Last week Ray and I bought some season passes to the Jays games. They had a great deal for tickets to all of this year's games in the 500 level. We went to the home opener and the Jays lost badly. The whole series against the New York Yankees was pathetic. I was pretty worried for a moment there. Why would I want to see a team lose every game? They weren't even close games! The last series against Minnesota was good though. They one them all. We were going to go to the game tonight but it looks like i"m going to have to do some work for tomorrow. Maybe we will go tomorrow instead. The other day Ray and I also tested out the Sega World Series baseball game for the X-box. It was quite good. The graphics were very well done and the game was realistic enough. I would like to try playing in career mode so that I can do draft picks and all that. Unfortunately we only had the game for 3 days so I couldn't get into all of that.

Congratulations to Tyler on getting accepted into Windsor for Forensics and to Vivek on getting into Columbia for Biomedical Engineering!!