A good blog, Radio Free Blogistan was "hacked" today, and now displays an interesting message.


Fuck You Bush

We will wait your soldiers bloods

Saudi Devilz Team"

I think of most Hacktivism as vandalism, this one being a prime example. But I see the purpose of it. Its hard to get your message out, so why not put your message on the front page of a popular website? Well in this case it was poorly executed.

My idea of a good hack for this purpose would be to put in a proper entry in to a blog with my message. That way it looks like its part of the normal website. You have a much higher chance of getting people to read what you have to say if your more elegant about your execution. Myself, as a webadmin and a blogger, might even keep the entry in my system if it was done well. BTW: this is not an open invite, just in case you were wondering :)