Private blogging

My friend Jason/Anakin has just made his blog public after a long time being private.

I have issues with private blogs, so I applaud Anakin for opening his up to the world. My issues are simple, the web is a publication system, so others can read, share and maybe learn from what you have said. With a private blog, its no more than a journaling system, of which there is already a few good non-web programs that handle this just fine.

Now don't get me wrong, I do agree with semi-private blogs, those are blogs only intended for family and friends that are password protected to keep others out. With semi-private blogs, the purpose of the web still exists.

This blog, is a fully open blog, I am a private person in real life, but if I am going to journal, I feel that I should make it public so maybe someone else will get something out of it -- Tell me if you do. :)