Day 5 and 6

Its sad that tomorrow I will be back at home... I do miss my own bed and being able to cook for myself but the sun, beach and relaxation will be missed.

On day 5 I mentioned that we went the Itallian place to eat, it was just Ok, not the highlight of our food adventure on this island.

Yesterday Shannon and I did not do to much at all. We played some chess (I won 5 of 9 games) and I showed Shannon how to play Tennis. We played Tennis at night which seemed like a good idea considering the heat, however we did not consider the rather large bugs that also thought it would be better to come to the tennis court at night. It made for a lot of squishing of bugs and less tennis unfortunitly.

Today it was more of the same as yesterday, we sat by the pool and drank exotic drinks(rum and coke) and had some good food(European). After we type up our blog entries we will be heading to the Casino, the resort had given us 10$ to use there so we might as well use it.

Its going to be an early night for us, we have to check out by 8am and we have yet to pack.

(Yes we have heard about the Cuban hijacking, and yes we know the gulf war part II has started... CNN is hard to avoid. So wish us a safe journey home as I know we will)