Leaving on a Jet Plane

Planning yet another trip....this one is not for work! I'm so excited. I have spent the last week or so trying to decide where to go. I just love to plan things so I think that it is so much fun to sit down with all of the different tour books and decide where to go. Ray and I were thinking at the beginning of the week that we might go on a cruise. We heard that Sunquest has some really good deals on right now. I've been doing some research and asking around to a few travel agents and I hear that Sunquest does a pretty good job. They are not big fancy, elaborate ships but supposedly the trips are fun and the ports are amazing. I haven't quite decided if I'm really into the cruise thing though. I'm a bit weary of the incredibly small cabins. I tend to spend a lot of time in my room as I like to nap in the afternoons while traveling when the sun is at its hottest. I also kind of feel that a cruise ship might be a bit confining overall. We have decided that we will look into the possibility of going on a cruise maybe this time next year. At least we can prepare to maybe upgrade the room to one that is slightly larger. As a plan B, we have decided that we are going to book a room at the Bahia Principe Rio San Juan Club Hacienda. It seems to be a pretty good deal, although a bit pricier than we were originally planning. It sounds like they have a ton of activities and they have quite a few restaurants. We have opted for the Club Hacienda upgrade, which will get us into an exclusive buffet just for people staying in that area. Also, we will have an exclusive pool....sounds good to me. I was reading some reviews on the net today and have not heard a bad thing about it. I can't wait. When Ray gets home we are going to go and book it.